Black Star Liner: Roots Radio, Jamaica

Black Star Liner: Roots Radio, Jamaica is a gateway to the mystique of Jamaica, the Isle of Springs and the Pearl of the Antilles.

These sixty-minute excursions through the history and culture of Jamaica are the products of extensive archival and field research over the course of a quarter-century.Additional sources of information include teaching, historical non-fiction publishing, journalism, concert production, lecturing and radio broadcasting.

This series of musical/historical travelogues focuses on Jamaican byways and customs, forgotten history and folklore, and the diverse peoples from the land of Bob Marley, a locale long known as the “Crossroads of the Caribbean.”

Typical program content will include: artist profiles and interviews; soundscapes from various heritage sites; traces of the Afro-Caribbean-Afro-American Diaspora; studio visits; culinary adventures; festival visits; off the beaten path to little-known oases of local culture; historical adventures; academic events and “Old Time People Say,” being a compendium of wisdom culled from elders and community leaders, among other features.

Mento Musicians, Rio Grande, Portland Parish




The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley, OM
“One Love,” Song of the Century, BBC
Exodus, Album of the Century, Time Magazine
“Artist of the Century,” Billboard Magazine


“It is the heart that hears, the ear is only an instrument.”
— Egyptian poet Mary Armedes