Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall: Contemporary Currents in Caribbean Spirituality

This is a documentary about bridging cultures through the immediacy and spirituality of gospel and reggae music.

Addressing issues of faith, diversity, freedom, community and prophecy, Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall… captures a turbulent awakening now rippling across the world.

Begun in 2003 at the Divinity School, Harvard University, a group of us wanted to explore the dynamic worlds of Afro-Caribbean-Gospel-Reggae music, contemporary forms of popular religious/spiritual expression, and how music can bring diverse cultures and traditions together in harmony. At the same time, we shared reflections on Rasta, Islamic, Jewish and Christian insights into the perils and promise facing the Children of Abraham in the twenty-first century.

The program makes extensive use of film footage from two events: the first, a two-day academic conference with concerts; the second, a roundtable discussion about how we can bridge cultures by focusing on commonalities rather than differences, the latter event entitled “The Politics of God: A Dialogue Among the Children of Abraham.”

Here, in rhythmic dynamism and provocative dialogue, is the revelation that beyond the politics of God, music, knowledge and dialogue are essential ingredients in solving the seemingly intractable problems facing the world today.

“Legacy Time Traveller, Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall trailer on You Tube”

Roundtable Discussion
The Divinity School
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
23 April 2008

A point raised by Bill Spencer


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
— Marcus Mosiah Garvey