Many Rivers to Cross — Samples from our Archives

The Odyssey of Morgan Heritage – A Case Study of Roots in Action

Jamaican musical celebrity Denroy Morgan introduces us to a Jamaica few visitors ever experience – revealing a spirit of place through its hypnotic heartbeat music and resilient personalities, past and present. This is a family-focused, sixty-minute documentary consisting of interviews, stellar live and studio performances, and off-the-beaten path vignettes of hideaways, havens of pirates, smugglers, rebels, Arawak Indians, and Rasta vibes far removed from  conventional Caribbean vacation packages. A unique spiritual sensibility has propelled the Morgan Heritage band to critical acclaim and popular success for these are musical ambassadors moving beyond the usual boundaries while bridging cultures, fostering intergenerational dialogue and strengthening family ties. “Many Rivers…” is a provocative glimpse of one Jamaican family’s odyssey to stages worldwide, powered by the mysterious allure of what Bob Marley called “the natural mystic.”

  • Contemporary Relevance: In light of the current controversy over immigration reform, here is a positive example of family values and musical talent overcoming adversity and discrimination through patience, perseverance and discipline – a success story for our times.
  • Strong appeal for family-centered viewing audiences open to armchair Caribbean travel while looking for an uplifting and informative program beyond the stereotypes of Jamaican dance-hall, political instability and impenetrable patois. A large number of outlets would be interested in acquiring such programming.
  • Networking opportunities with a host of lesser known Jamaican organizations, service providers, and heritage sites generally overlooked by vacationers booking their travel plans through conventional sources.
  • Educational Publishing Outlets: As an example of successful acculturation, this documentary could serve as an introductory educational medium for secondary schools and colleges exploring immigration, civics and/or the Caribbean/African diaspora. An ideal case study on the challenges of assimilation into our fast-growing multicultural society of the 21st century, “Many Rivers…” could be complemented with downloadable lesson plans, music videos, suggested readings, etc. for newly arrived students from abroad, as well as classes seeking an updated modern version of Homer’s classic tale, The Odyssey.
  • This documentary, focused on strong family values and a spiritual foundation, opens up unprecedented marketing opportunities to religious organizations and travelers interested in heritage tourism, spiritual retreats and an emphasis on people-to-people contact.


“…Every land is ‘the Holy Land.'”
— from Every Land by Ursula Le Guin