Black Star Liner: Roots Radio, Jamaica

Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child. — Cicero

The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley, OM “One Love,” Song of the Century, B.B.C> Exodus, Album of the Century, Time Magazine “Artist of the Century” Billboard Magazine

Black Star Liner: Roots Radio, Jamaica
(Archival Material)

Black Star Liner: Roots Radio, Jamaica is a gateway to the mystique of Jamaica, the Isle of Springs and the Pearl of the Antilles.

These sixty-minute excursions through the history and culture of Jamaica are the products of extensive archival and field research over the course of a quarter-century.Additional sources of information include teaching, historical non-fiction publishing, journalism, concert production, lecturing and radio broadcasting.

This series of musical/historical travelogues focuses on Jamaican byways and customs, forgotten history and folklore, and the diverse peoples from the land of Bob Marley, a locale long known as the “Crossroads of the Caribbean.”

Typical program content will include: artist profiles and interviews; soundscapes from various heritage sites; traces of the Afro-Caribbean-Afro-American Diaspora; studio visits; culinary adventures; festival visits; off the beaten path to little-known oases of local culture; historical adventures; academic events and “Old Time People Say,” being a compendium of wisdom culled from elders and community leaders, among other features.

Mento Musicians, Rio Grande, Portland Parish