LTT Jamaica

(Archival Material)

An insider’s look at the mystique of Jamaica, past and present, through music, history, folklore, archaeology, culinary arts and channeling ancestral spirits.

These thirty-minute tours present little known facets of Jamaica unseen by most tourists, utilizing field and archival research allied with cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

Programs currently in production include:

I  A Visit to the Seville Great House and Plantation:
a locale where Spanish-Arawak-African cultures of fifteenth-century Jamaica intersected and now a living museum of history, archaeology and folkways.

II  A Visit to the town of Falmouth:
A Visit to Falmouth, site of abolitionist fervor during the days preceding
Emancipation, entrepot of the slave trade, once among the pre-eminent
examples of Georgian architecture and culture in the Caribbean.


Dr. James M. Parrent, Falmouth Heritage Restoration Project, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jewish Cemetery Restoration, Falmouth, Jamaica

The Court House, Falmouth, Jamaica

III A Visit to Port Royal, or Pirates of the Caribbean, Revisited:
A Look at the tumultuous history, destruction and restoration of the locale once known as the “wickedest city in western Christendom.”

IV   The Tragic Tale of Martha Brae:
or the pleasures of river rafting in olde Jamaica.

V Portland Parish:
A visit to the haunts of Jamaica’s fabled Maroons and the impact of “yellow gold” on Jamaican history and culture.

VI   The Forgotten Negril:
being a compendium of local lore beyond the tourist façade of ten miles of world-famous white sand beaches to little known tales of whalers, naval fleets, pirates and nature preserves unknown to all but a few discriminating travellers.